HANUMAN – Logo design and T-shirt illustration

Hanuman is a Yoga school and T-shirt store in Brazil.

The Hanuman store sells T-shirts and hoodies focused on the themes of Yoga, Vedic culture and veganism.

The letter U in the logo, which is also de icon of the brand, was inspired by the Tilak – the red mark – on Hanuman’s forehead.

Tilak is a traditional Hindu marking worn on the forehead typically made with colored powders, clay, or sandalwood paste. The mark has spiritual significance and varies in shape and color depending on cultural and religious beliefs. It is revered as a harbinger of good fortune and prosperity, believed to invoke blessings from the divine and bring auspiciousness to the wearer’s life journey.

T-shirts and hoodies available at www.hanuman.art.br

(delivery only in Brazil)